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Bendet Engineering Services is a supplier of spray nozzles for the Finishing industry. The nozzles that we provide and sell are made of high quality materials. These nozzles are very durable, has a long service life, robust and are geared towards meeting the industrial spraying demands.

The spray nozzles including mist nozzle, mixing eductor and other nozzles are mainly used for cooling, cleaning, dust control, humidification, lubricatrion, surface finish,etc.

We supply the following types of nozzles at reasonable prices

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Adjustible Nozzles
2188 Adjust Plastic A2188KT/3188KT adjust
Clamp Nozzles
3001JK Double Clamp 2001JK Clamp
2001JK Adjust Ball Steel Clamp
Full Cone Nozzles
Wall-mounted Full Cone Full Jet Cone
Flat Spray Nozzles
Flat Spray Vee jet
Flat jet Flat Fan
Mixing Eductors
Mixing Eductor Clamp Mixing Eductor
Mist Nozzles
High Pressure hollow cone mist nozzle