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We offer custom design solutions specific to your project requirements
Unlike other Metal Finishing designers, Bendet Engineering Services can offer our customers a bespoke consultancy service. By first establishing your project needs, we can advise you on the best solutions to drive your project forward.

How does the consultancy process work?

Stage 1 – The initial meeting

At this meeting we will discuss your requirements and glean a wealth of information from you including (where applicable):

  • Your product range and throughout
  • The type of material being applied
  • Practical consideration such as location and ducting needs, along with any physical restriction which could affect the contract
  • Technical specification such as dimensions, filter requirements, extraction rates, lighting needs etc.
  • Health & Safety and other relevant legislation
  • Appropriate energy-saving options
  • Delivery, installation, commissioning requirements
  • Your timeframe
  • Your budget

Stage 2 – Proposal

We will produce a quotation for you based on the information we gathered at the initial meeting, taking every factor into account. We will determine the optimum system to meet your needs and specifications. We may give you two or three options if you are undecided about your choices. Our quotations are valid for 30 days, giving you time to consider all options and make a decision.

Stage 3 – Bespoke design solution

Our highly qualified engineers will design your system, taking into consideration all your requirements and specifications. Drawings will be forwarded to you for approval and can be amended if necessary. If you have any issues, our consultants are ready to help you. Once you have approved the drawings, manufacture will begin.

Stage 4 – Energy efficiency

We aim to provide you with the best energy efficient options for your circumstances and requirements. For example: The highly efficient and energy-saving Gas Catalytic Oven would be a viable option for Powder Coating. This revolutionary system has several direct benefits and superior features, being kinder to our environment, quicker and cheaper to run, yet producing top-quality results.

Stage 5 – After Sales Service

Once we have installed our products or systems you can have complete peace of mind as all our products and systems come with a 12 month guarantee which covers repair or replacement of defective parts – please see our terms and conditions for full details.

The benefits to you:

We Listen

We listen to your requirements and get a full understanding of what you need before advising you of all your options.

We Involve You

We will involve you in all stages of the contract, making amendments where necessary to suit your needs

Energy Saving

Options will be offered where possible, we are environmentally conscious and aim to reduce your carbon footprint

Two Heads Are Better Than One

Our consultancy process is a two-way method to ensure we achieve the required results, within your budget and to your time scales.