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Bendet Engineering Services have a 10 year long licensing agreement with the Conveyor Teknik Company of Naestved Denmark and the future looks promising. Our agreement includes for the import of specialized conveyor chain and components from Denmark. The support steel, platforms, hangers and electrical control is supplied and installed by Bendet Engineering Services. For more information on the Specialized conveyer chains and components, please view our Conveyor Technik Page(hyperlink)

The range includes standard medium and heavy duty overhead conveyors, overhead and inverted power and free conveyors with drop sections and banking stations. We recently installed the first “Triplex” overhead system which facilitates the handling of products longer than 4 metres without the problem of wide turning circles. The system also accommodates bias banking similar to P&F systems but proves to be more cost effective.

Bendet Engineering Services also specializes in Turnkey solutions for Monorail Conveyors. Monorail conveyors are probably the most versatile conveyor available. Generally used in applications such as powder coating, sand blasting, abattoirs, chicken processing and assembly lines including motor vehicle assembly lines. The conveyor can also be used to simply move items / parts from point A to point B while utilising the roof space leaving valuable floor space free for machines or manufacturing.


    • Bi-planer chain allows for direction changes horizontally and vertically.
    • Supports can be floor standing or suspended from roof structures.
    • Quick and easy installation.
    • Multiple drives can be used to manufacture an infinite length.
    • Easy to maintain.
    • Automatic lubricators available.
    • Accessories include a large range of hanger possibilities.
    • Optional variable speed drive
    • Enclosed chain (certain applications) is extremely safe.

Optional Systems available

  • S30 (enclosed track) Up to 25kg per pendant
  • S45 (enclosed track) Up to 45kg capacity per pendant
  • S60 (enclosed track) Up to 60kg capacity per pendant
  • X348 (I-beam system) Up to 100kg capacity per trolley
  • X458 (I-beam system) Up to 200kg capacity per trolley
  • X678 (I-beam system) Up to 600kg capacity per trolley
  • Load ratings can be doubled with the use of load distribution bars.

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