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Preventive Maintenance

Maintaining the proper operation of your plant is essential to employee health and meeting your plant production schedules. Many companies perceive that hiring qualified full time maintenance staff is cost prohibitive.
Our “preventive maintenance” programs provide ongoing maintenance of your equipment by trained technicians, at a fraction of the cost. Our “Service Department” team can make a total or partial evaluation of your equipment maintenance requirements. A service plan can be generated with the correct maintenance intervals, and service requirements necessary to keep your equipment operating efficiently. We offer service and preventive maintenance on the following:

Plant Environmental Systems:

  • Dust and Mist Collection Systems
  • Paint Finishing Systems
  • Make-up Air (Direct, Indirect and Unheated)
  • Smoke and Vapor Removal Systems (Welding and Liquid Mixing Areas)

Control Systems

  • Direct Digital Control (DDC)
  • Electric/Pneumatic
  • Custom Control Panels

Service Work

  • Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) Analysis
  • Testing and balancing of air and water systems
  • Trouble shooting system problems
  • Spray booth Production analysis
  • Ducting Repairs and testing etc

Bendet Engineering Services also offers Refurbishment (Re-conditioning)and Re-Location Services of existing equipment for you

Benefits for you

By implementing a preventive maintenance program

  • Your plant will work at full efficiency creating profitable uptime, while reducing downtime.
  • Reduces the chances of complete machine breakdowns.
  • Reduces the chance of emergency repair calls.
  • Reduces downtime to locate and replace missing parts.
  • Saves money on electricity.
  • Preventive maintenance will reduce the possibility of unnecessary repairs.
  • Reduces scrap caused by poorly operating machinery.
  • May reduce insurance rates since well-maintained machines are much safer.
  • Reduces late deliveries that may occur due to downed machinery

Maintenance Loop

Dedicated Maintenance Support Is Only A Call Away

Have any Maintenance or Refurbishment questions or need support with re-location?

Ready to take your business to the next level? Our Service Department experts are here to help and ensure that you keep your production at optimal rate with the least interference in terms of maintenance. Contact them by +27 16 341 6718 or use our contact form