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Bendet Engineering Services  assures quality compliance through our documented quality management system, which is based on the ISO-9001:2008 Quality Management System standard and adheres to the following key principles:

  • understand current and future customer needs and expectations for quality, cost and delivery
  • continuously monitor customer satisfaction and respond quickly to customer concerns
  • establish mutually beneficial, supplier-customer partnerships
  • involve the customer early in defining requirements for joint development and improvement of products, processes and systems
  • demonstrate leadership through vision, direction and shared values
  • set challenging targets and goals, and implement strategies to achieve them
  • coach, facilitate and empower our employees
  • encourage personal ownership of the company mission and corporate goals by building on employee knowledge and experience through training and involvement in operating decisions and process improvement
  • clearly identify internal/external customers and suppliers of our processes
  • focus on the effective use of people, equipment, methods and materials
  • identify the interrelated processes in any system and aligning those processes with the company goals and customer expectations
  • measure system-wide results against key objectives
  • Focus on continuous improvement – maximizing productivity, minimizing rework and waste, and reducing cost by making decisions and taking action based on analyses of data.