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Bendet Engineering Services designs, manufactures, and commissions Semi-Downdraft booths which have the exhaust filters in the rear and intake filters in the front part of the ceiling. While Bendet Engineering Systems offers a full line of paint booths, the Semi Down Draft Spray Booth is by far our most popular model, one that strikes an excellent balance of utility, price and air flow type.

Why choose Bendet Engineering Services over our competition?

Here are just a few reasons why:

  • Our spray booths comply with all national environmental, fire, and safety codes.
  • Bendet’s spray booths are “Waterborne” ready or always upgradable.
  • Our booths are all Nut & Bolt type construction. No zip (sheet metal) screws!
  • It’s all about the lights! We design our all of our booths with horizontal lighting fixtures (where possible), to help eliminate shadows.
  • We use only “Inspection Grade” LDPI, Inc. brand light fixtures for spray booth applications.
  • Our Spray & Cure heat systems are Energy Efficient and “LISTED” for compliance.
  • All of Bendet’s products are manufactured with “Top Brand Name” components.

Here are some of the features of our Semi Down Draft Booths

  • Water curtain is achieved with pump. Lower installed electrical load (thus low running coast), less negligible maintenance.
  • The advanced air washer design ensures high air washing/paint collection efficiency.
  • The air-slot design, opening at the bottom of the wash down sheet (water wall) ensures uniform air movement in the booth.
  • The over sprayed paint gets sucked in by the bottom suction itself.
  • Superior construction: booth is constructed by nut-bolt.

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Note (i) W x D x H : Overall Width x Depth x Height (ii) w x d x h : Working Width x Depth x Height Larger sizes are available against specific requirements. Optional: Flameproof accessories are available against specific requirements. Also available in stainless steel construction.

Model Dimensions in MM Exhaust Blower Pump Tube Lights
W D H Capacity M3/hr Motor Rating KW Cap. KW Watts Nos.
Bd15 2000/1500 2850/1500 3600/2100 1 x 6800 1x 3.12 1.5 2×36 1
Bd21 2600/2100 2850/1500 3600/2100 1 x 7900 1x 3.70 2.25 2×36 1
Bd30 3500/3000 3250/1800 3600/2100 2 x 6800 2x 3.12 3.75 2×36 2
Bd36 4100/3600 3250/1800 3600/2100 2 x 7900 2x 3.70 3.75 2×36 3